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Dental Student Personally Motivated to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Most people who have a bad dental experience might try to avoid the dentist’s office in the future, but Erica Williams decided to go the opposite direction.

Erica was just 23 and pregnant with her first child when she went to her dentist for some tooth pain. Her growing child was taking all the calcium in her body, causing issues with the strength of her teeth.

She was prescribed some antibiotics and sent on her way, but the problem did not resolve. After several more visits and more rounds of antibiotics, Erica got a second opinion from a second dentist who delivered some bad news.

“He gave me two choices,” Erica said. “He said I was going to have poison going through my body because I had a lot of puss in my mouth or he could pull all my bottom teeth out and do dentures to get my mouth back healthy.”

She chose the surgery and just a few days later all her bottom teeth were replaced with dentures.

Years later, when Erica was tired of cleaning hotel rooms and was ready to go back to school, she decided to enroll in the Dental Assisting Program at Florida Career College’s Jacksonville campus.


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