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Faculty Spotlight: Marino Fernandez, FCC Hialeah

Automotive Technician Instructor Enjoys Mentoring Students Beyond the Classroom

Since he was a young boy, Marino Fernandez enjoyed taking things apart and seeing if he could figure out how to put them back together again. Sometimes these efforts took new and imaginative turns.

“When I was little, I would always take apart my toys,” Marino said. “Even with the GI Joes, I would take them apart and switch their heads, bodies and legs. It was my idea of fun.”

When he got a little older, his attention turned to larger and more complicated toys. By 13, he started working on cars, a hobby that quickly managed to dominate his interests and one day led him to wander into a local high-performance automotive shop.

Day after day, he kept going back until, after several weeks, the shop’s owner decided to take Mario under his wing and offer him a job. Marino was just 14-years-old. READ MORE

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