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Medical Assistant Technician Graduate Thrived With Personalized Support from Instructor

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Oriana Jackson has wanted to work in the medical field ever since she was little. As a young girl, she went through cancer treatment and personally experienced the care and compassion of healthcare professionals.

The cancer resulted in the amputation of her left hand.

“I could feel it,” Oriana said. “I knew it then that I wanted to care for people.”

Oriana was also influenced by her grandmother, who spent her working years as a nurse. She shared her stories and wisdom with Oriana, all collected through years of working in the medical field.

Later, when her grandmother got sick, she watched and helped her mother care for her.

“I started to take her vitals, administer medicine, monitor her oxygen machine and more,” Oriana said. “I knew in my heart this is what I wanted to do – to help people from whatever pain, sickness or illness they may experience.”

Eager to take the steps toward her dream career, Oriana enrolled at Florida Career College’s Medical Assistant Technician program at the Margate campus. READ MORE

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