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"At IEC we recognize that our employees are not just our most valuable asset but also our co-owners in driving our collective success. By extending ownership through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and investing in their futures, we empower our team to truly embody the spirit of ownership. We firmly believe that this sense of ownership will not only enhance innovation but also enrich the professional lives of our employees, fostering a culture where each individual's contributions are celebrated and rewarded."

-Shoukry Tiab, Chief Executive Officer

We’re a team of owners. We’re all in this together, and we all have a role to play in IEC’s success. Not only do you benefit directly from your efforts, ideas, and teamwork, but so does everyone else around you. Being a team of owners means that we all benefit and succeed together.

International Education Corporation’s Employee Stock Ownership (ESO) Trust was formed to hold company shares on behalf of employees of IEC and its subsidiaries. The shares are managed by a trustee and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Committee. Employees who meet the program’s qualifications will participate in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  

Employee ownership promotes collaboration, shared responsibility, and leadership for quality and continuous excellence in student outcomes as well as continued expansion of IEC and its subsidiaries. 

What does it mean to be “employee-owned”? Just what it says — that our employees are the owners of International Education Corporation (IEC). Every full-time employee and many part-time employees have a direct path to ownership of company stock at no cost to them. 


A Certified Employee-Owned Company

The Ownership Advantage

Employee ownership closes the loop between the company’s success and your financial success. As an employee, you contribute your ideas, effort, and teamwork. Your work, combined with the work of your fellow employee owners, drives better company performance. This increases the value of our business, ultimately benefitting you as an owner.


Here's how it works:

You automatically become an owner on an applicable entry date after working at least half-time (1,000 hours) for one year. When you retire or leave IEC, we will buy your shares back so that we can distribute them to other employee-owners. Each year as an owner, you receive a grant of IEC shares. You don’t pay for these shares because you earn them with your ideas, effort, and teamwork. IEC gets a valuation to determine how much our shares are worth. As we grow and become more successful, our share price should increase, which means your shares will be worth more. Every year, employee owners receive an annual statement that shows you how many new shares you earned in the year, the total number of shares you have, and the current IEC share price.

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