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International Education Corp Opens UEI College Campus in Riverside, CA

March 7th, 2011

RIVERSIDE, CA. International Education Corporation (IEC), a leading national provider of career education and operator of UEI College, has announced the opening of its newest California campus in Riverside at 1860 University Avenue. This new branch will serve as the 12th UEI College campus in California and will support and serve the education needs of the local community.

"We welcome UEI College to Riverside and look forward to the educational training options they will provide to assist in creating an even stronger skilled workforce in our region," says Cindy Roth, President and CEO of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.

“We have always shown a commitment to our students by providing top-quality programs to prepare them for in-demand careers with education that can be immediately applied in the workplace,” says Dr. Fardad Fateri, President and CEO of International Education Corporation.

“UEI College’s expansion into Riverside is proceeding according to our strategic plan," says Janis Paulson, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of International Education Corporation. "Today we have a total of 14 campuses in the United States and we are excited to have the opportunity to serve new communities in need of entry-level careers in healthcare, business, technology and criminal justice.

“Strategically located at the crossroads in Southern California and at the heart of the Inland Empire, the City of Riverside has made it necessary for colleges to offer much needed programs and educate thousands of students to meet the demands of employers,” says Ginny White, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Admissions at International Education Corporation. “We are thrilled to announce that open enrollment is now underway at the UEI College campus in Riverside.”

Fateri adds, “Our new campus in Riverside represents our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality, relevant and timely education that meets the needs of both career-oriented students and prospective employers.”


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