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Mother of Four Takes Leap of Faith Into Criminal Justice

Kassandra Carmona stayed home raising her four boys for 10 years but as her children grew, she began to feel a duty to be a role model for them. She decided to pursue a career in criminal justice.

“As a mother of four boys I was triggered,” she said. “I definitely feel that it is important for me as a parent, I want them to be educated and I want them to understand that setting a good example for our society, in the long run, will benefit us. Coming from a Hispanic family, it’s important to me to educate society, to be resourceful, and to have (my kids) not to think of cops or law enforcement as mean or rude.”

She visited UEI College in West Covina and enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program. She felt confident that the training at UEI would help her get her foot in the door with a law enforcement agency but getting started was not easy. READ MORE


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