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UEI College Donates Desks to Los Angeles and Orange County Schools

Over the summer, UEI College campuses in Gardena and Anaheim donated 144 desks to 2 schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The UEI Colleges in Gardena and Anaheim worked with local schools to pass on their student desks as UEI College upgraded to new ones throughout these counties.

Investing in Los Angeles County and Orange County Communities

UEI College has been part of local-California communities for over 9 years and was eager to work with schools when it came time to retire and replace their desks. Our UEI College Campuses in Gardena and Anaheim sought to identify local schools in need of desks and successfully donated 144 desks to these schools.

UEI College is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the communities they serve and we’re proud to partner with local school districts in this manner. International Education Corporation, parent company of UEI College, President and CEO Fardad Fateri stated, “We are committed to making an impact in our local communities and are pleased to be investing back through this donation of desks. We believe that education is one of today’s most powerful tools and has the ability to transform lives, and at UEI College, we are here to help make that happen.”

Recipient School – Villa Park High School

Villa Park High School serves over 2,400 students in the Villa Park, Orange, and Anaheim areas. Through their donation of 124 desks, UEI College showed their commitment to their local communities and desire to help their students build a future they can be proud of. “The members of the Board of Education and I wish to thank you for this very generous donation and want you to know that your generosity is greatly appreciated by students and staff alike.” Gunn Marie Hansen, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Orange Unified School District.

Recipient School - SGVCC Youthbuild Charter School

Pomona Site at San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps, a Youthbuild Charter School, is located in Pomona California and was the recipient of 20 desks. This school provides an alternative school environment that is ideal for students who excel in a project-based school environment that utilizes authentic assessment practices.


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