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UEI College Expands Electrician Technician Program in Response to Urgent Demand

California regulators recently passed rules banning the sale of new gas-powered cars in the state by the year 2035. Achieving that goal will require many new electrical workers to install and maintain a large network of charging stations.

The state is expected to need more than 1.2 million electric vehicle chargers by 2030 to meet the fueling demands of the 7.5 million electric vehicles anticipated to be on California roads, according to the California Energy Commission. Yet California, and the nation, are already facing a shortage of trained electrical workers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that electrician jobs will grow by 7 percent over the next decade. The BLS is projecting 8,700 annual Electrician job openings in California, and 76,000 total jobs in the year 2026.

UEI College is working to meet this growing demand by expanding its Electrician Technician program at its Garden Grove and Reseda campus locations. Applications are now being accepted, with classes starting in January. The Electrician Technician program has been offered at other UEI College campuses across California since 2019. READ MORE


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