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United Education Institute Celebrates First Las Vegas Graduate

Donnesha Evans had never heard of United Educational Institute (UEI). She also hadn’t actively been pursuing an educational or career path when, last year, she first noticed a social media post that announced the opening of UEI’s new Las Vegas campus.

The post mentioned UEI was offering a Dental Assistant program, a field Donnesha had longed to enter since she was a child. It also noted that students might be able to earn their high school diplomas while completing the program.

Having quit school at the age of 17 following the birth of her son, Donnesha recognized the opportunity in front of her. Even so, she admits that when she clicked on the post and filled out the online form – a move that soon led to her enrollment in UEI’s Dental Assistant program – she likely underestimated the extent to which things were about to change in her life. READ MORE


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